It all started with a simple game... It was early 90s when in a gathering of the bank, place where I used to work, I was asked to prepare something (food wise) special for the occasion. I made my first appetizers (salgados) with joy; Was a great success!! Thereafter, I was questioned why not speak out about my work and start taking orders! That's when I began to test some appetizers recipes such as (empadas, coxinhas, risoles, bread, and more). It was very awkward at first, not only for the lack of experience, but for having, so far, only served my appetizers in family gatherings and not rarely, as a snack for friends.

The very first orders came from my colleagues at work, from whom I keep profound gratitude for encouraging and supporting me; these ingredients (encouragement and support) were enough to accept the challenge of taking orders and those (orders) would not stop! Together with my beloved mother (Terezinha Simões Torquato- in memorian) and Geralda (a friend, practically a sister, that at that time was living in, with us) we started to get our hands to work and take parties, cafeterias and individual orders.

Nowadays, living in the United States of America, I was presented the opportunity to continue working in this area. In the beginning, I thought it would be impossible to work with Brazilian appetizers in a culturally different country . However, because of the large group of Brazilians residing in Austin (city in which I live in), and considering the great amount of request for it, I decided to, once again, take the challenge... Challenge that today, serves a multicultural taste!

This is the history of Sabor Salgado (salty taste) that counts with my husband and my son's contribution, by delivering and helping preparing these appetizers. This has been a mark of a new phase of joy and great experiences.

My passion for making salgadinhos goes beyond the preparatiom . It is creating the experience of Brazilian cultural tradition and joy in a country like United states for Brazilians as well as their friends .

It is my privilege to be a part this wonderful experience!

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Randy Walker


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